Get Tax Relief and Legal Security

Registration Ends: September 7, 2024

Event Date: September 18 - 20th, 2024

Fed up with watching your hard-earned money disappear into the black hole of excessive taxes? It's time to take control. Welcome to South Dakota – the ultimate destination for seizing back your profits and achieving true financial freedom.

Why South Dakota? Here's why it's the top choice for people like us

Escape the Tax Trap: Break the chains of oppressive taxes and keep what's rightfully yours with South Dakota's unparalleled tax advantages:

  • Zero State Income Tax

  • Zero Corporate Income Tax

  • Zero Personal Property Tax

Embrace Location Independence

Whether you're already living the location-independent lifestyle or gunning to join the elite ranks, South Dakota delivers the goods. Establish residency in this tax-friendly paradise without ever tethering yourself to a single spot. It's the ultimate freedom to roam.

Legal Stability for Visionary Leaders

As a forward-thinking entrepreneur, you demand more than just success – you demand stability. South Dakota delivers with a rock-solid legal framework and minimal red tape, allowing you to assert your vision and lead with unwavering confidence.

Enough playing by the rules of a rigged system. It's time to take the reins and steer your destiny toward uncharted territory. With South Dakota residency, you're not just reclaiming your profits – you're seizing your rightful place at the top.

What is included:

You will be accompanied by Billie

Residency Includes:

✅ Legal SD Address

✅ Unlimited mail forwarding for 12 months

✅ Vehicle registration assistance

✅ Transport to and from DMV

✅ 2 nights lodging

✅ 1 dinner

Business Registration Includes:

✅ SD Registered Agent

✅ Creation of new LLC in SD OR move existing US LLC to SD

✅ Transport to and from Agent's office

(cost of DMV services is not included and must be paid by the participant at the time of service)


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