Billie Olds

Whether you're an aspiring entrepreneur

with a vision, an ambitious business

owner looking to elevate your venture, or

want to step out on your own as a freelancer,

meet "Your Business Auntie" Billie Olds.

A seasoned serial entrepreneur and business consultant with over 20 years of experience,

Billie excels at turning dreams into thriving businesses, having guided more than 100 entrepreneurs from around the world to

location-independent income success.

Billie's extraordinary set of skills, including her unique perspective as woman late diagnosed with ADD and on the Autism spectrum, enables her to see solutions and opportunities that

often remain hidden from others.

With her proactive approach and a superpower for curating memorable learning experiences, Billie is the auntie you need!

Matthew Samp

With an extensive direct mail concept, design, and fulfillment background Matt is known for creating breakthrough marketing ideas with measurable results.

Matt possesses vast knowledge and experience in the print industry, media relations, public policy, social and emerging media, messaging, and copywriting.

A nationally recognized political, legal, and small

business marketing leader, Matt lives in the Atlantic Rainforest on the southern coast of Brazil, teaching marketing skills and strategy to small business owners while following his dream of hotel ownership.

Cliff Taylor

A man who has fully embraced the location-independent lifestyle, Cliff generates multiple streams of income and offers a solid perspective from an experienced, divorced man who has his personal life & mission sorted out.

Cliff specializes in the doing: the building and the delivery of solutions specifically for people who don’t want to deal with the tech or don’t have the specialized skills to implement their ideas.

His specialty is website hosting and development solutions that cater to the solopreneur.

And if you want to talk about boats,

literally anything

Cliff is a USCG Master Mariner who would love

to share his experience.

Dennis Fusaro

Combining his passion for politics and commitment to civic engagement with sharp intellect and persuasive prowess, Dennis is your guide to developing essential skills such as critical thinking, strategic decision-making,

and effective communication.

Let Dennis empower you to navigate challenges with integrity, shape ventures with innovation, drive meaningful dialogue, and become an impactful leader.

Muhammad Umar Draz

Muhammed has a natural gift for problem-solving, which is amplified by his embrace of

the digital world and emerging technologies to improve every part of your business.

Dedicated to helping you reach success by leveraging the power of tech in overcoming real-world challenges, Muhammad is the young, tech-savvy whiz that will show you how technology can be your friend.

Muhammad is also the owner of The Genius Solutions, a specialty staffing service with clients around the globe.

Kristy Lake

A long-time seeker of life's wisdoms, Kristy has studied breathwork, Reiki, sound healing, medical massage, mindfulness practices, and Theda healing for over 15 years.

In addition to owning a healing center, Kristy specializes in teaching mindfulness practices that result in real-world applications for entrepreneurs.

With Kristy's guidance, identify the unconscious and subconscious programming that may be holding you back from achieving your business and lifestyle dreams.

Geoff Greenwood

A tech nerd and sponsored skateboarder

Geoff's specialty is teaching and coaching for those starting on their entrepreneurial

journey, especially if that includes location independence. He also happens to be a sponsored skateboarder, tech nerd, and golf pro.

If you want to learn a new skill, create a foolproof guide, or optimize your time to get the most out of your day, Geoff is the jack of all trades to help you get it done.

Geoff lives up to the term location independence. Don't be surprised if he is at the top of the mountains in Park City, Utah, where he resides, when you have your coaching call.

Matthew Montgomery

A guy who knows how a positive mental attitude can change everything. Matthew understands how critical it is to build good daily habits.

A holistic approach to mind body and soul is at the core of everything Matthew does. His expertise in nutrition, exercise, well-being and personal growth have enabled Matthew to build multiple successful businesses over the last decade.

Matthew will help you to create personalized nutrition, activity, and business routines to ensure you are reaching your full potential.

Honza Farkač

Honza will show you first-hand the limitless possibilities of building a business without boundaries in a niche in which it would seem impossible.

A testament to the power of location independence, Honza will show you how he successfully runs his dog training business ( remotely, using the internet, and how you can do the same in your business - even if it seems unlikely.

He is a true testament to location independence in a very surprising niche!

Gary Eggleston

With 20 years in Mining, and wanting to get out, Gary has found himself in a new and wonderful world of Solopreneurship.

With the ability to find niches that are unusual and outside of the box, Gary is eager to help you find your specialty, and how to get there, no matter the industry.

With a wide range of interests, including fitness and sport, digital entertainment, sciences and a whole lot of random trivia, there won’t much that will escape this bloke’s niche finding skills.

Yan Guerif

BOSS Cooperative is exited to announce that Yan is joining us

as our sales and outreach specialist. Bio coming soon!


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