Drowning in Tasks and Responsibilities?​

Feeling overwhelmed by a never-ending list of tasks and responsibilities, with no relief in sight? Struggling to keep your head above water as you juggle countless demands, wondering if you'll ever regain control?

Feeling Like You're Barely Staying Afloat?​

Are you feeling completely overwhelmed and exhausted, struggling to keep up with the

relentless demands of your workload? Struggling to cope with the sheer volume of tasks,

feeling increasingly drained and overworked with each passing day?

Struggling to Delegate and Not Sure Who to Trust?​

Feeling the weight of every task on your shoulders, yet finding it hard to delegate and lighten the load?

Struggling to entrust others with important responsibilities, even though you know it's necessary for your

sanity and business growth?

Striving to Work ON Your Business, Not Just IN It?​

Ever found yourself drowning in a sea of options, wondering which tool is worth your time and money?

Felt the frustration of shelling out cash for tools that didn't quite cut it?

Don't Know What the Best Tools and Resources are for You?​

Are you tired of being trapped in the day-to-day grind, longing to focus on growing your business instead? Struggling to find the time and resources to step back and strategize for the future?

Friends and Family Trying to Help, But Missing the Mark?​

Do you find it disheartening when your family and friends, while meaning well, offer shallow reassurances instead of genuine assistance, leaving you to navigate your challenges alone? It's a lonely and frustrating experience to shoulder your burdens without the real support you crave.

Streamlining Processes and Increasing Efficiency?​

Are your processes failing, leaving your team frustrated and productivity stagnant? Struggling to share crucial knowledge while chaos reigns? And automation? Just a distant dream while admin tasks pile up?

BOSS Cooperative understands the highs and lows of entrepreneurship. We know the frustration of stagnating growth and the loneliness that comes from shouldering every decision alone. But we also know that success doesn't have to be a solo endeavor.

Founder's Sanctum by BOSS Cooperative

That's why we've created Founder's Sanctum – a lifeline for entrepreneurs like you. Our comprehensive coaching program offers a supportive community and expert guidance to help you overcome your biggest challenges and achieve your goals.

Imagine having a dedicated space twice a week, on Tuesday mornings and Thursday nights, where you can connect with like-minded individuals who understand what you're going through. Led by seasoned business executives with over 250 years of combined experience, our sessions are designed to provide you with actionable solutions and unwavering support.

Founder's Sanctum is more than just a coaching program – it's a community of entrepreneurs who are committed to helping each other succeed. Join us today and take control of your entrepreneurial journey. Don't wait another day to invest in yourself and your business.

Why is Founder's Sanctum Right for You?

Here are some highlights of the program!

  • Help you build a highly-profitable location-independent business

  • Increase your income to a 6-figure per year level

  • Determine the right service or product to sell for high profits

  • Create the lifestyle you want, working on what makes you the most money in the least amount of time and effort

  • Create a location-independent income, or multiply your current LII

  • Understand how AI will affect your business and what to do about it

  • Learn time-tested strategies that will help reinforce you as an expert in your field

  • Use our step-by-step protocols to improve the efficiency of your business

  • Discover what parts of your business need to be outsourced and how to take the risk out of it

  • Streamline tasks and communication so you can scale your business

  • Increase your personal productivity to spend more time on the things you want to do

  • Laser-target your business goals and ceate a roadmap on how you will get there

  • Find your TRIBE!!!

  • Surround yourself with a group of highly-skilled coaches, each with a track-record of national and international success, ready to assist you with any challenge you may face

  • Access to networks of people you don't even know exist

  • Special discounts on other BOSS programs and events

  • The whole thing is TAX DEDUCTIBLE!!!

Who is this for?

Founder's Sanctum is designed for English-speaking people 18 or older from anywhere in the world who are motivated to build a location-independent business and become financially free.

Will this work for me and my situation?

Yes. Regardless of your niche, industry, skills or occupation, our principles you’ll learn in The Founder's Sanctum are universal and work for everyone. My teachings have been tested and they work. This works for people who are complete business beginners and people who are already more experienced. 

What is the primary goal of the Founder's Sanctum program?

To hlep you build a highly-profitable location-independent income so you can life the kind of life other people only dream of.

What type of support and mentorship can I expect from Founder's Sanctum?

Our program offers personalized guidance from a group of 7 experienced business owners and coaches who have successfully built and scaled their own 6 and 7-figure businesses.

What makes you qualified to teach this? 

Track record, Track record, Track record,.

How can Founder's Sanctum help me overcome procrastination and build a successful business?

Benefit from unique perspectives and skills to help improve your motivation and focus while managing procrastination. With coaches that understand the challenges of neurodiversity, specificially ADHA and the Autism spectrum, we provide you with an accountability framework coupled with support from other group members and coaches.

Further, you will be held accountable for your actions. Practical tools, expert mentorship, and a supportive community will keep you focused and transparent. You'll learn how to set realistic goals, prioritize tasks, and stay motivated while eliminating procrastination.

Why do you charge a monthly subscription? 

The monthly subscription allows people from all income levels to join the program and raise themselves up. Paying a monthly fee for being part of a high-value group also helps to maintain the quality of the people that are part of The Founder's Sanctum. 

Can I join Founder's Sanctum even if I don't have a business idea yet?

Absolutely! Our program is designed to help you identify and pursue the best business opportunities based on your skills and passions. We'll guide you through the entire process, from idea to execution and scaling.

Is there a refund policy?

No. We dedicate massive amounts of time and significant resources to providing top coaching sessions. However, payments are month-to-month, so you can cancel your subscription at any time before your next billing period. 

I already have a business. Can I still join?

Yes. If you already have a business, Founder's Sanctum will help you get rid of all the things holding you back, and allow you to hyper-focus on making your company the kind of profitable, location-independant business you have dreamed it should be.

To be successful in your business,

you don't have to know everything –

you just have to know us!


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